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Burt's has been wonderful and is very personal and a local company! They are much cheaper than my previous company, Waste Management. I had WM for years but they got too big to care about the little person. Burt's has the personal touch and caring.

Keep our right to chose who we want, not who you (City Council) want and put people out of business.

Betty, May 29, 2015

When does it end. I want to continue having the choice of which garbage collector based on price and how good the service is not what the city wants.

Michelle, May 28, 2015


Dear Bloomington City Administrators,


There appear to be some important considerations (in addition to costs and services) needing to be addressed in conjunction with any Bloomington plan to replace the free market with a government-managed trash collection system. Bloomington residents should be provided full explanations via direct communications to households (as opposed to an open house) about these basic considerations prior to the implementation of any new city trash collection proposal:



1) How will the city determine future market share for haulers? Each haulers share would initially be based on their current free market share, I understand. But what about when the contract expires or needs to be renewed? Are the haulers locked into their current market share percentages? What if a new hauler wants in or some drop out? On what basis will each hauler’s share be determined? Will service levels be considered? How will this hauler performance data be tracked and managed and at what cost to the city?


2) Since the city will now control the level of service each hauler will provide, what incentive is there for haulers to compete by offering new or improved services? How will the city know how to optimize the hauler’s operations for future contracts? Will another consultant need to be hired to inform the city of best practices?



For example, Republic Services offers a unique totally automated points system to incent customers to recycle. Points are redeemable for cash discounts at many local retailers. This program effectively reduces the customer’s trash service costs. Will this program be lost at the expense of consumers?


3) The customer-vendor relationship will be replaced by a city-vendor relationship so that Bloomington residents will lose any leverage with their haulers on service level and cost issues. Will the city be tracking and managing service level issues by hauler to compensate for this loss? Will the city assume the roll of customer service to iron out service issues since the leverage with the haulers now resides with the city? This information will be needed by the city to effectively manage its city-vendor relationship and determine which haulers to favor or discount in future contract negotiations. Has this “customer service” expense been factored into the city’s plan?


4) The notion that there currently are 27 trucks running around each week is highly misleading. This is an absolute worst case scenario. The reality is that nine of those trucks are for seasonal pickups of lawn and tree material only. Another nine recycle trucks are every other week. Further adjustment is needed since not all haulers serve all neighborhoods. So the effective average number of trucks running around each week throughout the year is much less than 27. This effective average is the number that should be considered in the discussion, not the 27 number. For contrast, if road wear and noise is really the serious issue in this discussion, then it should be considered in light of the fact that at least four large school buses travel through our neighborhood daily throughout the school year. Some neighborhoods probably have more school bus traffic.


My expectation is that the city will thoroughly analyze all of the ramifications to current customers of any plan to eliminate a functioning free market system and then implement compensating systems such that customer rights, costs and services are not inadvertently compromised.


Bloomongton Resident, June 19, 2015

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