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We can't sum up the issue much better than Pat Garofalo did in this Star Tribune article


'“Clearly, taking away consumer choice is not working. And consumers — citizens — clearly do not like it,” said Rep. Pat Garofalo, R-Farmington. “It’s time to hit the pause button and get people back to the table for better ways to address this.”'


The process where the city manager, mayor, and council ignored the people to ram their misguided agenda through definitely isn't working.


We know that listening is often the best approach to identifying and learning better ways. So if the city is listening, here are some better ways:


•A better way would be for the city to actually listen to and represent the people (as we remind them that it appears at least two thirds of the residents are against organized collection).


•A better way would be to have a more open process and have input earlier in the process.


•A better way would be to have a citizen panel instead of denying representation on the options committee.


•A better way would be to not misrepresent facts because the facts you have don't show any measurable improvements after implementation.


•A better way would be for the city to accurately represent the true cost of organized collection and not hide added employee costs, loans, and other expenses in the tax base.


•A better way would detail how the city will be likely able to spend monies dedicated to recycling related items in any way they choose instead of what they are supposed to be dedicated to.


•A better way would be to hold the mayor and council accountable for the money that has already been wasted.


•A better way would include a process where the city doesn't break a law (and the council not have any concern about it) in attempting to enact organized collection.


•A better way would've been to start with a vote (since most everyone is effected) or better yet, just reference the last city survey that had a trash question on it where the results indicated that residents were overwhelmingly happy with open collection.


•A better way would be to let neighbors get together and negotiate rates for their blocks/streets as some have done in other cities around us.


We're certain there are a lot of other additional better ways, but that was a very quick top of mind list. The city may not have wanted to listen to your input, but we'd like to hear it. Feel free to Facebook, email, or bring up your better ways during the open comment period at a future council meeting.



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