Hearing Date is set for October 17, 2016, at 11:00 AM. Jugge Daniel C Moreno at Hennepin County Government Center, 300 South 6th Street, Minneapolis, MN 55487, will hear the arguments. Please feel free to attend and observe the process with oral arguments.










The arrogance of our City Manager, Mayor, and City Council is not surprising, but par for the course. As you have seen they are forging ahead full steam. They bumped up their schedule; as soon as they found out we have filled a lawsuit, to push their agenda.


System is rigged. Instead of waiting to see what the judge decides on October 17 they seem very confident that the judge will rule in their favor. That must be the reason why they continue to spend your tax dollars to shove Organized Collection down your throats even though you, the majority, has told them we want this to be on the ballot not in their hands to decide.


The Mayor keeps telling us and himself that the fact that they got re-elected last November, 2016, is confirmation enough for them that they are making the right decisions. Our petition consisted of 285 pages and contained more than 2,500 signatures. This is 45% more signatures than the 1,730 needed for sufficiency. Interestingly, we have collected more signatures with our petitions than the mayor received votes in the last election.



On Tuesday, July 19th, 2016 we filed suit against the City of Bloomington essentially standing up against the usurpation of our charter defined right of charter amendment. Recently we (all of us - the 2,500+ petition signatories) submitted a sufficient charter amendment petition. The petition was recognized as sufficient both by the charter commission and the city clerk.

On Monday, June 27, 2016 the city attorney gave an "opinion" that the city council chose to follow (or maybe it could've been the mayor's opinion that was previously given to legal counsel...who knows what happens behind closed doors). Regardless, our case will be argued in court. It is Hennepin County District Court case number 27-CV-16-10786. We'll keep you updated as to the hearing schedule and will invite all of you to attend as this case is about our collective (all the citizens) charter defined right to petition the city. This isn't about trash. This could limit the ability of any future citizen charter petition.

The night the mayor and council chose to reject our sufficient petition the mayor also chose to confront us in the city hall parking lot. He rolled up in his car starting off with, "Really guys! Really?!" We're not sure what his point was other than to essentially try to intimidate us into possibly shrinking away, but he definitely didn't stop by to say that he was happy we're engaged and using the processes defined in the charter. It was at best disappointing to see that type of action from someone that is supposed to represent the people...ALL of the people as well as the charter. Regardless, it was very poor form from the mayor. We'd like a public apology for whatever it was he was attempting to do in the parking lot.

We're not interested in politicians that appear to just pass down edicts likely originating from the Met Council, League of Cities, et al. We're interested in what is best for Bloomington. People of Bloomington can and should decide what is best for Bloomington and need to stand up to misguided politicians that want to remake Bloomington into a smaller Minneapolis. We're perfectly happy to be Bloomington.

Stay tuned for the court schedule and in the meantime please stay/get involved. Attend the various meetings and provide input. Fill out the surveys and remember if you don't see the answer you want to give, always click other and write in your thoughts. Contact your reps (elected as well as candidates). Governance works best when the maximum amount of people are involved in decisions, not the minimum.


Monday (June 27, 2016) Bloomington City Council rejected your petition for Charter Amendment to bring Organized Collection to the ballot despite its sufficiency and the fact that we had surpassed the minimum number of signature requirement as mandated by City Charter (our constitution) - disregarding your voice.


Our city councilmen think getting re-elected last November was confirmation that they have the majority behind them. They say they have more e-mails and phone calls from the folks who want them to take over Trash Collection for all of us.


Well we don’t believe it. Getting re-elected in a low turnout year is not an indication of majority support for Organized Collection.


All we ever wanted was to bring this to the ballot for everyone to vote. All we want is for this City Council to uphold the City Charter and listen to its residents, listen to you.


Why is City Council so afraid to let you vote? If they are so confident that they are on the right side of the issue and the majority is behind them then let us vote on it. Let us see where the true majority is.


Let us do this the democratic way. Let us vote.


It is not over. We are reviewing our next steps. We will keep you all posted.


In the meantime, if you feel compelled, please send an e-mail to your councilman and mayor telling them you want to VOTE on Organized Collection. Be sure to copy us at info@HandsOffOurCans.com or forward us the e-mail you sent to them.


You can find their e-mail and phone number here



Show Up! Stand Up! Attend the Council Meeting on Monday, June 27, 2016

Just a few days ago the people of the UK showed the world that they wanted to again enjoy self-rule. It was a huge step and simply reflects the nature of the times. We are living in a time of political turmoil where politicians and the political class think they are entitled to dictate every measure of your life. They think they are smarter than you, that you just don't get it, or because some outside group and/or lobbyist helped to convince them that there are reasons to go against the will of the people. The UK showed us that the voice of the people is alive and well. The problem is that the political class doesn't get it. They still think they can make an unpopular decision, ram it down our throats, and expect to get reelected next time around.


With your help we recently submitted our charter amendment petition. It will be recognized as sufficient by the city on Monday, June 27th. Immediately after they recognize it, the mayor, council, city attorney, and city manager are planning on throwing it out. They are planning on using stale arguments of no real merit and will even probably try to claim they are doing what is right. Read More...

As you know Charter Amendment petition was submitted to the charter commission secretary along with the city clerk on Wednesday, May 18th, 2016. Charter Commission (which includes Councilman Jack Baloga) is scheduled to meet on June 9, 2016, at 7:00 PM in Bloomington City Hall, Haeg Conference Room to review our petition.


Despite that the City Council has decided to publish an announcement in June Bloomington Briefing that government-run garbage collection is on track and will begin this fall. It seems their minds are already made up.


How disingenuous. Will this City Council ever hear its residents? Or for that matter adhere to the Charter by which it is supposed to govern?...Read More...


Charter Amendment petition was submitted to the charter commission secretary along with the city clerk on Wednesday, May 18th, 2016. Our petition consisted of 285 pages and contained more than 2,500 signatures. This is 45% more signatures than the 1,730 needed for sufficiency. Read More...


With the charter amendment petition we passed an interesting milestone - we have collected more signatures with our petitions than the mayor received votes in the last election.


We are prepared to continue the fight and escalate as necessary.


Thanks for your continued support.

The ruling on our lawsuit came in late on Monday (April 2, 2016). The city is claiming victory (and truth be told the judge ruled against our code initiative petition), but we believe they are doing a premature victory dance. The ruling is a huge win for the citizens!


It is a win for the citizens because the basis of the city's argument was that we had no ability to petition the city on this matter. The judge said otherwise.


The judge stated "If Plaintiffs wish to re-define the powers of the city council, they are free to seek amendment of the charter." Or in other words, we have the right and the ability to petition the city. Read More...



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